Welcome to Green Macomb

     Because of Macomb County’s proximity to Lake St. Clair, we have long been a regional leader in protecting the environment — from launching clean water initiatives, to championing smarter development and wetland conservation.

     The Board of Commissioners created the Green Macomb initiative to showcase the many local services and efforts designed to reduce energy use, keep the environment clean, preserve our natural resources, and create green jobs.

    Some of our efforts were made possible with federal funds from the Recovery Act (www.recovery.gov).

     We hope that our efforts, along with the “green tools” showcased here, will help our residents, businesses and municipalities preserve and protect the natural beauty of Macomb County and become more environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

     Together, we pursue a better quality of life for ourselves, and generations to come.

- The Macomb County Board of Commissioners

Green energy production and a robust wildlife habitat program is ongoing at Pine Tree Acres landfill. For more information, visit: http://pinetreeacreslandfill.wm.com/index.jsp

Featured Information

  • BrownfieldsBrownfield Clean-up Analysis Grant

    The Macomb County Department of Planning & Economic Development (MCPED) provides grants for businesses, agencies and organizations to help assess brownfield clean-up costs.Click here for more information

  • TrailTrail, Parks and Recreation Grant Assistance

    The Macomb County Planning and Economic Development Department (MCPED) actively assists with planning and development of pedestrian trails and more, county-wide.Click here for more information

  • LawEnvironmental Unit Fights Polluters

    The prosecutors Environmental Unit regularly enforces policies and programs to keep the county clean, safe, and green, as well as acting as an advocate for our finest natural resources.Click here for more information

  • MSUEMacomb County MSU Extension Programs

    Macomb County MSU Extension offers a variety of environmental education services available at little (or no) cost, including topics such as Natural Resources & Public Policy and Agriculture/Horticulture.
    Click here for more information

  • Real WaterReal-Time Water Monitoring

    Recognizing that source water intakes are a critical component of the drinking water infrastructure, Macomb and St. Clair Counties established a drinking water monitoring system along the Lake Huron-to Lake Erie corridor.Click here for more information

  • TipsEnvironmental Tips

    Much pollution comes from toxic storm water washing off from streets and yards, and can easily be prevented. Learn more about how you can play a part in keeping our water clean.Click here for more information

  • GreenSchoolsLogoCelebrating 5 years!

    Get the latest news on the Macomb Green Schools Program Get the latest news on the Macomb Green Schools Program